Sustainability is a very important aspect at THE KINGS’ ACADEMY. Most importantly, school management considers the school to be a long-term commitment for them and their families.


In addition, all teachers to be hired at the school are meant to stay for the long term. In Kenya, teachers frequently stay at one school for only one or two years at a time (because their contracts usually are set up for short periods of time). At THE KINGS’ ACADEMY, good teachers will be offered long-term contracts that provide them and the school with a long-term perspective. In addition, continuous education and training will provide for qualified teachers and foster a climate of mutual understanding that the contractual relationship is designed for the long-run.

At the same time, the school will likely not be able cover its running costs through the school fees. Because an integral part of the school’s concept is to provide every third student with the opportunity to take part in classes at no or very low cost and as we intend to keep classes at a maximum of 30 students, the sum of the fees cannot cover the costs of attendance for all students. We therefore use the land around the school for agriculture, which will defray our costs for food and hopefully become a source of additional income. Nonetheless, we are also supported by sponsors from abroad, who share our vision of improving education in rural Kenya. 

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