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The objective of construction works until December is to establish a basic school environment that will be accepted by the Kenyan Ministry of Education when applying for a school license. Please help us in making this first step towards letting this great vision become reality!
Making a direct donation costs up to 20 EUR in transaction fees. If possible, we would therefore like to ask you to rather make donations through our trusted partner Bonfaremo.
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Architectural Plans
In Kenya one is only allowed to operate an educational institution with existing government approval. An application to the Ministry of Education requires officially approved architectural plans. Additionally, these plans can function as baseline for the calculation of materials needed for construction.


Water Supply 

The most crucial element in setting the foundation for The Kings’ Academy is ensuring continuous water supply to service students, staff and construction work. As drilling a well is very expensive and does not guarantee success, buying into a privately financed water irrigation system has been identified as the most efficient option to provide the school with water in the short-run.


Renovation of Administration Block

On-site evaluation of the existing structures revealed that none of the current buildings meet the standards set for classrooms of 30 times 24 feet by the Kenyan government. As no standards exist for the administration building, which however is a required component upon school registration, the following plan was developed: Turn the building with concrete foundation into a temporary classroom and later staff room and office for the school’s administration.

Fence & Gate
The Ministry of Education requires the property to be secured by a gate and proper fence (e.g. to prohibit trespassing) upon registration of the school.


Temporary Toilets & Kitchen

We intend to reuse existing materials on the premises to provide the school with temporary toilets, and a kitchen if materials are sufficiently available.

Flag Pole

Every school in Kenya is required to provide a flag post upon registration in order to hiss the national and school flag in the morning parade.
OPEN: 20.000 KSH = 200 EUR



August construction work will provide us with the necessary foundation for registering the school with Kenyan authorities and beginning with advertising the school among prospective students’ parents. Together with the sponsors of the project we will reevaluate the feasibility of Kings’ Academy in late October by assessing whether enough students have been recruited to justify opening the school in January 2013. If enough students (10-15) have applied, a second round of donations will be hosted with the objective of raising sufficient funds to construct two classrooms (Kindergarten & Standard 1) and provide the school with electricity and all necessary school books. The building of two classrooms is aspired, as funding for two classrooms is only marginally more expensive than building one classroom and will allow us to reduce cost in the long-run.

With more than 20 registered students, backing from the local education officer and the support by numerous volunteers we are confident to be able to open the school according to plan. We would hence ask you for your support regarding the first two classrooms.

OPEN: 1.500.000 KSH = 15.000 EUR

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