THE KINGS‘ ACADEMY thus far is a vision, which can only become reality with the dedicated and relentless support of volunteers willing to go the extra-mile for giving orphans and children from poor families a future. Even though attending school has become compulsory according to Kenyan law, education continues to remain low as most parents can only afford to send their children to public schools, which are hopelessly overcrowded. On average across all primary schools in Kenya, there are approximately 40 students per teacher, which means average class sizes amount to around 60 to 70 students. This means that teachers are forced to use teaching methods that cannot take into account individual students’ needs. Students’ strengths and weaknesses cannot be addressed adequately and individual talents can never be revealed.
To fulfill our aim of establishing a learning environment that fosters critical thinking and focuses on individual strengths we are seeking to lay the necessary foundation for allowing us to accept the first students to Nursery School in January 2013 and then continuously grow as an additional class is accepted into the school every year.

What are our plans?
THE KINGS’ ACADEMY is intended to continuously grow as an additional class is accepted into the school every year to provide for students from Nursery School through Standard 8. Additionally, orphaned or abandoned children are supposed to be provided with the opportunity to live on the school campus and thus grow up in a sheltered, safe and nurturing environment. We will therefore need support regarding construction work in the next eight years, as well as volunteers, who are willing to assist the teaching staff as soon as the first children have been accepted into the school.

Volunteer Information Package
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Volunteer responsibilities?

  • in the first phase of the project we will primarily need help regarding the construction of all necessary buildings and school facilities required for registering with the Ministry of Education and admitting the first students to school in January 2013. A profession is not required, however, handicraft skills are of advantage.
  • with the first students being accepted to THE KINGS’ ACADEMY we will also need help with teaching and caring for the children. Volunteer responsibilities will primarily focus on providing assistance to Peterson and his staff regarding the preparation of teaching materials and providing supplementary methodological training to the staff (e.g. team work, self-guide learning, etc.). The curriculum and guidance on all required learning materials will be made available through an open source project Bonfaremo is currently seeking to establish with several foreign universities aimed at developing all aides needed to achieve a change in attitude at THE KINGS’ ACADEMY.

What should you bring?

  • Pack an open mind, a spirit for adventure (from Kilimanjaro to Serengeti, East Africa has much to offer), curiosity, joy for working with people of different cultural backgrounds and most important willingness to benefit from a cultural exchange without believing that integration into an African culture will be a piece of cake.
  • Fluent spoken English is a necessity
  • Fluency in Kiswahili is not required (in Kenya all students start to learn English in primary school), but will definitely help to facilitate communication and understanding

Who will be your contact person?

  • Peterson Nyaga will be your dedicated contact person in Kenya. Having functioned as the volunteer program coordinator at Msamaria Center for Street Children in Moshi and given his many years of experience with volunteers around the world Peter is well adapted to accommodating the needs of foreign guests. 
  • Please Note: Peterson is currently a full-time teacher at Msafiri English Medium Pre- and Primary Schools in Tanzania and is committed to fulfilling his contract, which does not end until December 2012. He will thus only be able to come to Kenya on the weekends. His wife Magdaline on the other hand will be present full-time and function as you contact person in his absence. Magdaline also has extensive experience in working with volunteers. 

Where will you live?

  • You have the choice to either stay in your own little house with Peterson’s parents in law, who own a small farm in rural Nkama close to the new school compound, or a room annexed to Peterson’s shop at the main road leading to Loitokitok. The farm does not have electricity, however, will give you an excellent opportunity in getting to know Kenyan culture and traditions. Staying in the room behind Peterson’s shop will on the other hand provide you with more independence and better access to public transportation.
  • Running water is not available and has to be obtained from a public well in both cases. Sanitary facilities are very basic meaning you should be willing to make sacrifices regarding your personal standards.
  • Visitors from home (e.g family or friends) are also welcome to stay with the project, however, are asked to contribute to food and accommodation.

What are the costs?

  • For food and accommodation you will be asked to contribute 10 EUR per day in the first 3 weeks of your stay and 8 EUR per day starting in week four.

How to get to THE KINGS’ ACADEMY?

  • Loitokitok is conveniently located on one of the major transportation routes between Tanzania and Nairobi. Several different shuttles operate between Nairobi International Airport and Loitokitok (ca. XX USD). We will be happy to provide assistance regarding transportation from the airport to the Loitokitok, where you will be picked up, by Peterson himself or his wife Magdaline.

How to apply or get more information?



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