School History

2012 - the beginning

Peterson Nyaga, the school's dean, strives to improve the education for children in Africa ever since adulthood. He made the first steps towards this ambition by becoming a teacher in 1997. Experiencing poverty in his own childhood, he has made supporting orphaned and abandoned children another one of his priorities. His family owns a plot of land in the birth place of his wife, Loitokitok, which is now used to build a home for orphaned and abandoned children.

In January 2012 Peterson came in contact with Felix Garbe, a volunteer at the Msafiri Primary School and the founder of Bonfaremo. After learning about Peterson’s ambition to found an orphanage, Felix visits Loitokitok. Together with Peterson he examines the piece of land to evaluate the feasibility of the aspired orphanage. Unfortunately, Felix and Peterson have to discover that a layer of concrete stone is making the construction of a well at the start of the project unaffordable. Instead, Peterson and Felix discuss the possibility of establishing a school, which in the long-run could be turned into a boarding school providing needy children with the so aspired home. When Felix has to leave for Germany, Tim-Hendrik Meyer, second chairman of the board at Bonfaremo, steps in. Tim and Peterson continue working on the conception of the project, develop ground plans of the new school compound, draft a project proposition, calculate the project costs and give the school an identity: THE KINGS’ ACADEMY.
Based on these initial plans Bonfaremo sets out to collect donations to lay the foundation for this great vision. We are happy to announce that we have been able to begin construction work just a few weeks later in August 2012.

In August 2012, an old building on the compound has been renovated completely in order to provide a first classroom. In the same time a pipe and a tank have been installed to supply the school with water which was urgently needed for the construction works.
During September and October we have been able to finish a temporary fence around the school compound and parallely prepare the fields around the future school for the first seeding of maize and beans, the traditional crops in Kenya.

Until the end of the year 2012 we finished some more contruction works needed to open the KINGS' ACADEMY to its first class: toilets for the children and a small kitchen to cook breakfast and lunch for them. At last we bought timber for 25 chairs and tables which completed the first classroom of the new school KINGS' ACADEMY. 


When the rain season set in our fields turned green for the first time promising a rich bountiful harvest in 2013. So after just a few months we were prepared to welcome our first pupils!


Thank you all for believing in THE KINGS’ ACADEMY!

2013 - the first year

In January 2013 we had a nice opening ceremony to welcome our local community to the KINGS' ACADEMY. Throughout the next weeks more than 20 children in the age of 4-6 years joined us as the kindergarden class. Our dean Peterson Nyaga and his wife Magdaleine took care of them together with Petersons brother-in-law John. The three of them were serving the project as teachers, cooks for the children and farmworkers.


First we improved our fence around the compound and painted it so it would not be only functional but also presentable. Thinking about the upcoming harvest we have been working every day during  the first holidays in April to build a store next to our kitchen. These construction works were finished after three weeks and right in time for our pupils to come back to school. After having harvested the beans in February already we continued on the maize fields in April. It took us more than two weeks to cut all the crops and fill our new store.

During the next months more and more children joined the KINGS' ACADEMY and our school grew continuously as the project become more known and accepted within our local community. This progress was a strong confirmation ensuring us that we were heading in the right direction. In October we were finally given sufficient funds to start building two new classrooms for our second year. The renovated building we have been using as our first classroom throughout the year was not light-flooded enought and did not provide proper space for every child in class. With the aid of our German supporters of Bonfaremo and the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation we were able to design and build classrooms that would not lack of space and provide our pupils with a pleasant environment to study and enjoy themselves.

It took us a little longer than we had planned but at the beginning of the year 2014 our two new classrooms were publicly opened to our friends and neighbors whose admiration made us very proud since.

2014 - the second year

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