Studying at THE KINGS’ ACADEMY is an opportunity for your child to experience a more personalized learning environment designed to promote the talents and strengths of each individual. We want to equip every pupil with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a self-reliant and productive member of society.

THE KINGS’ ACADEMY intends to work closely with Bonfaremo, a German trust fund organization (, on establishing a project with foreign universities designed to develop modern learning materials based on the Kenyan curriculum. We are further happy to announce that we will be supported by experienced volunteers willing to jointly work with us on creating an international learning experience for the students. Furthermore, it is our vision to establish a corporation with a partner school from abroad. The objective of the corporation is to give the pupils of the different schools the opportunity to gain an insight into traditions, family life and educational system of one another by establishing pen pals and in the long-run an exchange program. We are happy to announce that THE KINGS’ ACADEMY is already in close negotiations with a school in Germany.
We will begin accepting the first students to Nursery School in January 2013 and then continuously grow as an additional class is accepted into the school every year.

What we have to offer?

  • quality education through the deployment of modern learning methodologies and long-term contracting of highly qualified teachers
  • a caring and nurturing environment designed to promote the talents of every single student
  • an international environment through working closely with a partner school from abroad and hosting volunteers from overseas
  • in the long-run we intend to turn the school into a boarding school allowing for an even more advanced and intensive learning experience
  • support to all students whenever needed


  • we have a long-term vision designed to offer your child a profound primary education
  • international support regarding both the schooling and development of our teaching staff as well as funding
  • experienced teachers, with a profound theoretical and pedagogic education
  • enough space for expanding facilities
  • large area for farming and an extensive sports ground
  • we offer good administration and management
  • we provide a personalized and violent free learning environment allowing for the promotion of individual strengths and talents




Monthly Fee


900 KSH

Standard 1

1.000 KSH


School fees include:

  • tea and lunch
  • all necessary learning materials including text books

Where to find us and when best to visit?

The school is located in Mahianyo area, 1,5km north-east of Nkama Primary School. For detailed instructions and the school brochure visit THE KINGS’ SHOP between Loitokitok and Illasit in Nkama. We will begin construction works this August. Please free to visit us:

How to apply?

Please send your application to or submit your application to THE KINGS’ SHOP located in Nkama.

Contact Us

Peterson Nyaga (Dean):
Mobile (Kenya): +254 70 469 02 84

Mobile (Tanzania): +255 70 469 02 84


Bonfaremo e.V.

Mobile (Germany): +49 171 311 94 18

Mobile (UK): +44 744 99 700 96


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