School Visionaries

Peterson Nyaga
Peterson was born in 1971 in Kagumo, north of Nairobi. After spending eight years in primary school, Peterson was accepted to secondary school in Kericho. Due to a family emergency, he had to discontinue his schooling before being able to graduate. For the next several years he had to care for his mother and his nine siblings. In 1993, he eventually graduated from secondary school and in 1997 finished his courses at Kisii College to start teaching at Kilimanjaro Junior Academy in Loitokitok, a village close to the Tanzanian border. While teaching there, Peterson was contacted by a group of investors, which were inclined to open a private school aiming to reduce the high workload of public schools and offer children a better education. Having demonstrated his expertise he was made the director of the newly established Lolopon Academy in the same village. Four houses were rented, in which class rooms and a small office were established. After going from house to house to advertise the new school, the first 10 children were accepted to the Academy in 2000. Focusing on providing the children with a profound schooling in all necessary skills to succeed in primary school, the student body already accounted for 67 children after one year of operation.
In 2006, Peterson and his wife moved to Tanzania to work as teachers. During his employment at the FM [Festus & Magrid] Foundation in Moshi, Peterson came across an advertisement in the newspaper regarding an orphanage for homeless children, the Msamaria Center for Street Children, which was looking for a new educational coordinator. Not having to contemplate for long Peterson decided to apply for the job in 2008. As educational coordinator he was put in charge of integrating new children into the center and admiting them to school. Subsequently, he was also made responsible for coordinating volunteers and improving the internal structure of the Center. In 2009, Peterson and Magdaline accepted employment at Msafiri English Pre- and Primary School, where Peterson came in contact with Felix Garbe and Tim-Hendrik Meyer. Convinced of his expertise, dedication and vision Felix and Tim decide to support Peterson in his ambition. Due to his outstanding capabilities as teacher, his interest in caring for children and experience in coordination and leading a school, he will be the principal and first teacher of The Kings’ Academy.

Magdaline Njobi Munene
Magdaline was born in Loitokitok district in 1981 and attended Kikelewa primary school from 1991 to 1997. After graduating from Illasit secondary school in 2001 she participated in a teaching course for two years before starting as a part-time teacher at a public primary school. In 2005 Magdaline joined Lolopon Academy, where she met Peterson. One year later, after marrying Peterson she followed him to Tanzania, where she found employment at St. Patrick primary school in Moshi. In 2008 Magdaline was transferred to Eden Garden primary school before jointly moving to Msafiri English Pre- and Primary School together with Peterson in 2009. She has primarily focused on teaching grades 1-3, however, also has experience in teaching older children in grade 7-8. Magdaline will join the school as teacher once additional teaching staff is needed.

John Mwiiruri
Born in 1985 in Loitokitok district John finished his primary education in 2000. Just like his sister Magdaline he subsequently joined Illasit secondary school before joining Lolopon Academy in 2005, where he was trained as a teacher for the following two years. In 2007 he accepted a job offer at St. Joseph Primary School in Rombe, Tanzania. Two years later John decided to temporarily leave his teaching post to attend a computer course in Moshi. After successfully completing the course he returned to teaching at Mother Kelvin English Medium School in Same. John has 5 years of teaching experience across all grades (1-8) and special talents regarding organizational skills and construction work. John will join the school as deputy headmaster, teacher and second man in line supporting Peterson where he can.

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